Gaggia Brera, Silver/Stainless RI9305/48

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1 year manufacturer warranty
total 4 year warranty. 1 year manufacturer and 3 year extended


The Gaggia Brera is a super automatic, bean to cup machine, meaning, it will grind the beans and dispense the coffee for you at the touch of a button. With the easy-to-use interface, you can select whether you want a short, or long coffee; or whether you prefer steam or hot water. With its dose control setting you can choose whether you want a mild, normal or strong coffee type which changes the amount of coffee that is ground for your cup. The volume (amount of water extracted) is controlled by the coffee selection button (short/long). These can be customized and will memorize the length you want once programmed. If you are a milk based coffee drinker, this machine comes with a classic pannarello steam wand that will allow for cappuccinos or lattes made, whether you are an experienced or a beginner.  The grinder in the Gaggia Brera has 100% ceramic burrs, that extract the purest essence from the coffee beans and will help prevent overheating and burning of the coffee. Choose from 5 different grind settings, that will change from a finer grind (strong coffee) to a coarser grind (for a lighter coffee). Anthony’s Espresso Tip: We recommend adjusting your DOSE setting before you adjust your GRINDER setting if you want to change the strength of the coffee.
In addition to the coffee grinder, there is a Bypass option to this machine. This is a solution should a user want to use a secondary type of coffee, (like decaffeinated), as you dont have to remove any of the current coffee beans in the hopper. However, the bypass option needs coffee that is pre-ground (do not put whole coffee beans in here). With one scoop/coffee at a time, enjoy your decaf coffee without having to change your regularly used whole bean coffee in the hopper.

Maintenance to this machine is standard. It has a removable brew group that can be rinsed / washed as needed under the tap and re-inserted.  Anthony’s Espresso Service Tip: We recommend rinsing your brew group at least once a week, with regular usage. –Descaling of the machine is required as well and the machine has a descale alarm when it is time to descale.

Power 120V 60HZ 1250W
Product Dimension Inches 25,6 X 31,5 X 44,7 CM
Product Weight 8,5 KG
Made In Europe
Colour Silver ABS & Stainless Steel Front
Hopper Size 250g
Cup Height Clearance N/A
Water Tank Capacity 1.2L
Used coffee Container Capacity 8
Grinder Settings 5
Dosage settings 3
Pre Infusion N/A
Temperature Settings N/A
Milk froth preparation Steam Wand
Boilers 1, with Rapid Steam
Pump Pressure 15 Bar
User Interface LED 3 colour DISPLAY with icons + BUTTONS
Pump Type Vibration
Simultaneous coffee and milk Preparation No
Ground coffee Bypass Yes
Brew Group Removable
Energy Saving Yes
Drink Selections 4 One Touch Selections
Espresso (Short button, programmable up to 8oz)
Long (Long button programmable up to 8oz)
Hot Water
Use the steam function to create your favourite milk beverage for:
Flat White & More
Warranty 1 year manufacturer Warranty
Included in Box Grease Tube
Measuring Spoon

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 20 in




Manual Froth System


Built In

Water Source


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