Essse – Masini 1kg Beans


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In stock


This is our top of the range product and one of the best seller in Italy.
High percentage of Arabica (Central and South America, Ethiopia) with fruity and
flowery l taste, with very full bodied.
As every blend in our catalogue, the coffee beans are mixed before roasting and
it has not more than 10 different origins inside.
What is great about this blend, is the persistency of the taste, we work all the
year to have always the same taste, even if the selected green beans coming
from same plantation could change , due to different conditions in weather from
crop to crop.
Our team of expert tasters make test every time we buy the green coffees and
they are specialized in correcting the blends to have always the same taste for
each blend. This is a great thing that all our customers around the world
recognize to us.



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